Jewelry Appraisal, Consultation & Brokering Services

Tax Related Appraisals

Experts in preparing Qualified Appraisals compliant with current Treasury Regulations

Mary and Mark have developed and taught courses for the American Society of Appraisers that specifically address the development and reporting requirements for these types of complex appraisal assignments. We stay abreast of changes in Treasury and IRS regulations that may impact how we provide accurate, defensible valuations for these intended uses.

Estate Tax

We understand that in most instances the jewelry component of a taxable estate is not the most valuable asset.  However, the jewelry often has the most sentimental or emotional attachment of any asset and can have enormous personal value to the family.  We approach these assignments with respect and compassion.  We can help families understand the difference between sentimental value and monetary value.  The specific definition of Fair Market Value as determined by 26 CFR, section 20.2031-1(b) of the Treasury Regulations is used for these appraisals.

In general, these are relatively complex appraisals with more detailed explanations of how the fair market value was determined and slightly less emphasis placed on descriptions.  Although not required by the IRS, we prepare this type of appraisal to the level of a Qualified Appraisal as defined by Treasury Regulations.  We're here to assist you in providing accurate, defensible value for the property in the estate.  Our goal is to ensure that nothing in or about our appraisal of the jewelry will raise a red flag that could trigger an audit or challenge.  Obviously, we can’t control what the IRS does but we do our job with due diligence and competency. 

Gemologically Speaking, LLC, located in Albuquerque, performs independent jewelry appraisals, estate services, brokering, and consultations for clients locally, regionally and nationally.
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