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Experts to help you sell your jewelry assets.

A common misconception is that an appraisal is necessary in order to sell your jewelry.  Most of the time, it isn’t.  It depends on how and to whom you intend to sell as well as the specific details of the jewelry itself.  Please read through the FAQ on our website for more in-depth information.

Resale Appraisal

If you are trying to sell a valuable item to a private individual, then a detailed, well-researched appraisal may be what will help you accomplish your goals. This report includes a very detailed description, precise measurements and grades, color digital images, and based on our research and analysis, an opinion of the resale value within the appropriate used jewelry market.  Please note that the value will be based on similar used jewelry.




We offer a brokering service for our clients who want to sell their jewelry, watches, and diamonds quickly and easily.  Executors, Trustees, and other fiduciaries have found our brokering service to be invaluable in helping them do their job efficiently, responsibly, and in the best interest of everyone concerned.  Sometimes, dividing cash rather than unwanted jewelry is the best approach.  We also help individuals wanting to convert their jewelry assets into cash.

We will not try to find private buyers for your jewelry; we work with an extensive network of dealers within the jewelry trade that we have known for many years and trust completely.  The jewelry buyers will make preliminary cash offers for your jewelry based on our descriptions and if the preliminary range of offers is acceptable to you then we will proceed to the next step in the process.  Often, you can expect to have a check within 5-7 business days.

You should understand that the offers will be at the wholesale value level or lower, depending on your specific piece and the current market conditions.  Jewelry is all about fashion and if your jewelry is no longer desirable in the market then the offers will reflect that reality.  You may have a sentimental attachment to the family jewels; to anyone else it is simply a business decision.

We charge a sales commission for our time and will deduct expenses such as shipping and insurance costs from the final sales price.  Gemologically Speaking acts as your agent to try to find the best possible offers for you.  Because our commission is a percentage of the selling price, we are motivated to find the highest offer for you that provides immediate cash.  Most of the time we're able to sell your jewelry or watches for an amount that will net you more money than you can obtain locally or through a drawn-out auction process.  Regardless, you always have the final say in whether or not to accept an offer.  If you reject all offers, we charge a minimum fee that covers our expenses and our time to analyze, evaluate, photograph and seek dealer offers on your behalf.  The brief report that we create to send to potential buyers is yours to keep should you not accept any offers. 

Gemologically Speaking, LLC, located in Albuquerque, performs independent jewelry appraisals, estate services, brokering, and consultations for clients locally, regionally and nationally.
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