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Please note that no market research is conducted for any of the services listed below and therefore no value opinions are offered. If you require value information, then an appraisal report is necessary.

Gem Identification

Identification services utilize all necessary and available in-house testing procedures to determine the identity of your gemstone.  We do not identify rocks, minerals, or uncut stones.  Our accredited gemological laboratory is well equipped and we've undertaken hundreds of hours of specialized training to be able to determine the identity of gemstones.  However, there are some identifications and treatments that require equipment that we don’t have.  Such pieces would need to be sent to a specialized testing laboratory; but only you can decide if the expense is worthwhile.  Jewelry mountings will limit what we can do and there could be other limitations to being able to provide conclusive answers for you.  We'll let you know if that's likely before you agree to the services we offer.  You have the option of a verbal identification or at a higher cost, a written report in PDF format.  In many cases, a verbal identification can be performed while you wait.  Gem ID reports do not provide values.

Quality Analysis

Quality analysis reports begin with Gem ID and go further to determine the cut, color, clarity and carat weight of diamonds and gemstones as well as the gold content and relative quality of craftsmanship of jewelry mountings. Verification of a seller's claims of quality is an example of a potential use of this type of report.  We may also recommend it for people wanting to sell their jewelry and choose to not include value information.  These reports do not include value.  For an additional fee, a diagram of inclusions can be included for diamonds.  Jewelry mountings will limit what we're able to do and will impact the accuracy of our grade opinions; however, unless you specifically request and authorize it, we will never remove any stones from their settings.

Damage Report

The purpose of a damage report is to document the type and extent of damage to a diamond, gemstone, watch, or item of jewelry. Some types of damage result from the daily wear that jewelry receives, such as abrasion of facet junctions on colored gems. Other damage may result from an accident such as a shattered watch crystal. A damage report carefully documents the type and extent of the damage and typically includes photomicrographs. This kind of report can be the first step in deciding whether to file a claim with your insurer and might be used by insurers to help decide whether to pay or decline the claim.  A damage report does not provide an opinion of value; however, it can be made part of a post-loss appraisal that will provide value information.


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