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Comprehensive Services for Estates & Trusts

Jewelry Valuation Experts to help solve your problems.

If your valuation needs involve an estate or trust, the scope of the assignment and level of detail contained in the report is tailored to meet the needs of the personal representative, attorney or trust officer.  We are Qualified Appraisers for most types of jewelry related assets under current U.S. Treasury regulations and regularly assist clients and their fiduciaries with their valuation needs whether the estate is taxable or not. While it is less costly to conduct the assignment in our office, we maintain two complete portable gemological laboratories with the ability to travel to your preferred location if requested.

  • Taxable estates require documents that are structured to meet IRS  and Treasury requirements. For estate planning, the basis of a taxable estate may be updated with the passing of a spouse.
  • An estate may not meet the taxable threshold, but may require documentation for the probate process through the courts. Appraisals for probate are prepared to meet the specific requirements of the governing jurisdiction.
  • For distribution of estate among heirs, the level of detail and reporting will vary with the needs of the family.
  • An appraisal may be required to document the jewelry when establishing, updating the basis, settling a trust, or to insure jewelry contained in a trust.
Gemologically Speaking, LLC, located in Albuquerque, performs independent jewelry appraisals, estate services, brokering, and consultations for clients locally, regionally and nationally.
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