Jewelry Appraisal, Consultation & Brokering Services

Consultation Services

Expert advice and professional assistance

Consultations are appropriate for anyone who needs information, but not value information. Our professional ethical obligations do not allow us to offer value opinions without the appropriate evaluation and research. In other words, if you need value information, it would become an appraisal, not a consultation. Consultations are generally billed by the hour with a minimum charge. We’ve been helping people for over 3 decades and can provide authoritative, reliable information tailored to meet your specific needs; so, the fee is dependent on what you have and what you need to know.

Jewelry Triage

We assist many of our clients who are struggling to deal with quantities of jewelry; often as part of an estate or trust that is to be divided.  If you need help separating or making sense of inherited or bequeathed jewelry, maybe a triage consultation is what you need.  Mary’s knowledge of historical and stylistic periods of jewelry can often provide a context to help clients place inherited jewelry with specific relatives or within family history.  We can separate fine jewelry from costume jewelry and/or help you make groupings of similar value characteristics.  We won't be able to provide specific values during the consultation; but we can discuss what you're trying to accomplish and if an appraisal is called for, we can help you decide which pieces should be examined more closely.  In situations in which the jewelry is unwanted, we can help with converting it quickly and easily into cash with our BROKERING SERVICE.

Gemologically Speaking, LLC, located in Albuquerque, performs independent jewelry appraisals, estate services, brokering, and consultations for clients locally, regionally and nationally.
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